Is Your Child a Good Fit?

Children of all abilities can enjoy the gymnastics environment!  We provide one-on-one physical therapy intervention for children ages 0-21 years with mild to severe limitations in:


Sensory Processing

Motor Planning





Postural Control

Body Awareness

Children participating in physical therapy commonly have diagnoses such as developmental delay, gait abnormalities, hypotonia, lack of coordination, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, sports injuries, traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, mitochondrial disease, and sensory processing disorder.

What We Do

We offer traditional physical therapy services in a community gymnastics gym.  This includes orthotic management, wheelchair assessment, assistive device assessment, and evaluation for other adaptive equipment.

Here’s How We Roll

Whatever your child’s ability, we will strive to help your child achieve the next level.

 Initial Evaluation/Assessment:

Your child’s PT will perform an initial evaluation to determine the plan of care.

 Plan of Care:

The plan of care will include functional goals established by the therapist and the family.

 Therapy Sessions:

Your child will participate in 1:1 physical therapy at the gym to work on activities to help achieve those goals.


Every 6 months a reassessment is conducted to measure progress and modify the plan of care and to establish new goals.


When long term goals have meet achieved, the physical therapist in collaboration with the family and others, will recommend discharge into a community activity with the appropriate support.